1 Feb Showing and Judging update

In recognition of the delayed shearing season last year, the SJC have assisted the AAA in implementing amended fleece lengths for short fleece shows in 2023.

Rule 56

The recommended minimum fleece length for Halter class entries shall be 50 millimetres for Huacaya and Suri and the maximum fleece age on such entries shall be:

  • For Huacaya – under 14 months
  • For Suri in a first fleece – under 18 months
  • For Suri in a second or subsequent fleece – under 14 months.

Short Fleece Shows

Shows held between January and the end of March in 2023 (excluding Royals , unless special dispensation is given in writing beforehand), have the option to elect which fleece length show they wish to run. Normal (lengths as above) or Short. Where a show is run as a Short Fleece Show the recommended minimum fleece length for Huacaya halter entries shall be 20 millimetres and the recommended minimum fleece length for Suri halter entries shall be 30 millimetres.

Judge’s Discretion

An exhibitor may enter an animal with a fleece length of less than the recommended minimum for any show but the judge(s) shall have the discretion to disqualify the animal from the competition where the judge(s) considers that the fleece is not long enough to judge the animal in accordance with the breed standard either alone or when judged against other animals entered in the animal’s halter class.

The show uniform amendments have also been updated for this coming show season.

Rule 50: Handler Attire

Whilst in the judging ring, exhibitors shall wear the approved attire as described below:

  1. Long black pants or long black skirt
  2. AAA official black shirt
  3. AAA official black vest, if required
  4. Black or brown enclosed shoes constructed of a suitably strong material, for example leather, rubber or a synthetic of the similar strength, and does not include boat shoes, sand shoes, ugg boots or similar. Failure to wear the correct footwear presents an unacceptable health and safety risk. See also Rule 36: Disqualification by a Steward.

Exhibitors shall not be excluded from the show ring for wearing the approved attire described above.

The Show Convenor may vary the handler attire for special events with the consent of the SJC such as historic or commemorative dress.

No identifying information, or details that may be construed as stud/breeder advertising, shall be displayed on either the handler or the exhibit.

The Showing Rules Manual can be found under the member portal tab on the website.

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