2 May Introducing the new Code of Conduct

A new Code of Conduct will take effect from 1 July this year. It will replace the four existing codes of conduct with a single code which is divided into five parts, A to E. Parts A & B replace the AAA Member and Exhibitor Code of Conduct, Part C replaces the Code of Conduct for Judges, Part D replaces the Code of Conduct for Committee Members and Part E replaces the Code of Conduct for Board Members. The object in introducing the new code is to:

  • Make the code simpler and easier to understand;
  • Address omissions in existing codes;
  • Avoid repetition so that no obligation is repeated in any part of the code; and
  • Ensure that there are no inconsistencies between the codes or parts of the code.

The obligation to abide by Parts A & B of the Code of Conduct will arise from joining the AAA on or after 1 May 2022 or from renewing membership after that date. The obligation to be bound by other parts of the Code of Conduct will arise from the Judge, Board Member, Committee Member or Employee signing the Code of Conduct agreeing to be bound by those parts applicable to them.

Two specific policies, the Working with Vulnerable People Policy and the Social Media Code of Conduct, both of which can be found on the members’ portal of the website under Policies and Procedures, remain in force and are due for review by the Board shortly.

Codes of Conduct 2022

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